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Where is your citizenship?

This morning I did a live session on facebook and YouTube.

Because someone called us (me and my pastor friend) dogs, my zeal towards God went up a notch.

I was so fired up to deliver messages exactly like the ones I have the other day.

I was praying for that and God gave me a name for that program.

It's called Blessings @ Noon and I plan to do it for a long time to come, God willing.

I would like to share what I spoke with them today.

One of the thoughts God gave me that we are citizens of heaven.

St. Paul says that our citizenship is in heaven.

When an American citizen is in trouble in a foreign country , even if he is only one individual, the entire might of the American government will be used to rescue him.

They will use all the powers available to them and their only agenda is to rescue that person.

Matthew 7:11 NKJV
If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!

If, we being evil take this care for their citizens, how much more do you think the heavenly government would care for us?

When the economy of this world crumbles around us, do you think the heavenly government doesn't care about us?

When the whole world is destroyed due to Covid -19, do you think the heavenly government gives a hoot about it?

When families around the world is destroyed by the devil, do you think God is busy elsewhere?

Dearly beloved, our God promised that no matter what happens He won't remove His grace from us.

Isaiah 54:10 NKJV
For the mountains shall depart And the hills be removed, But My kindness shall not depart from you, Nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,” Says the LORD, who has mercy on you.

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Beams, Pillars & You!

Solomon's Temple & You!

Of late, I am writing to you mostly about my kids.

Did I tell you my daughter taught me faith in the most amazing way? I don't think so yet. I will, in the coming days I promise.

When King Solomon built the temple of God, he used timber from foreign land.

It was a glorious temple and if my memory serves me right, he took near about seven years to complete it.

Let me tell you how I stumbled on that portion from the Bible on my cell phone.

Here's one more tip from our household : We tend to have a Bible app in our cellphone, right? The zealots will have more than one for sure. But, I'm not talking about them today.

One of the finest Bible apps is something called Tecarta Bible app.

Please note that I am not compensated in any way for recommending this to you.

It's a beautiful app contains almost 20+ different versions of the English bible. (I am gleefully reporting to you that I own most of them)

In fact if you are online, you can read every one of them completely free of charge.

They have a version called Strong's KJV. I was reading that version.

Remember, I was talking to you about Adam and Eve yesterday.

God created Eve from one of the ribs of Adam. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know what rib means in Hebrew and this Bible showed me that the same word was used in 1 Kings as well.

So, I went there and lo and behold I was reading about beams in Solomon's temple.

So, what is the relationship? Both the words used here about ribs and beam are one and the same.

Hebrew word is tsal??h and it means both rib as well as beam.

These beams bear the weight of 45 pillars and so in effect the reason why the temple is stable.

Here is the verse:

1 Kings 7:3 KJVS
And it was covered with cedar above upon the beams, that lay on forty five pillars, fifteen in a row.

Today, I am primarily talking to my brothers, ok?

Especially, the married ones.

Do you know God has given you such a pillar of strength to you?

Do you really appreciate it? By way of being grateful to God and by being more appreciative of what your wife brings to the table? ( I'm talking both literally and figuratively.)

A simple smile. Or a small gesture can do miracles in our homes.

But sometimes we ignore them, of course to our own peril, I will add.

God gave us wives for a purpose. The purpose He has is huge.

He wants to use us to establish His kingdom here.

For that, we need one another and going that route, we make the whole journey even more enjoyable.

I have a separate session on how we can be better husbands to our wives.

Of course, please visit for that.

I look forward to seeing you inside,

Bro. I. Santosh

Ps: I have an interesting idea to share with you on kingdom. Please don't forget to tune in tomorrow.

Pps: is the Bible app website. Of course, it is there in your App Store as well.

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Little Brats

Little gods and Little Rats!

When God created Adam, he was placed in a beautiful garden named Eden.

God decided that man should reign over everything including the birds, animals and even fish.

He was given dominion over everything.

Here is that verse:

Genesis 1:28 NKJV
Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

He was given a mate whom he called Eve. He found his perfect match in her. And she too.

Life was good and they had a blast spending time together and God too joined the company.

Hold that thought for a moment, ok?

Now, I have a friend who calls his children as little rats.

When they torture him with their craziness, he calls them little devils.

When I read Psalms 8:5 the other day, I was shocked.

Here's what it says :

Psalm 8:5 NKJV
For You have made him a little lower than the angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honor.

For the clueless, let me explain.

The word angels is actually represented with Elohim in Hebrew and it's the same word that begins the Bible in Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 NKJV
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Now I can identify the critics out here claiming that the Bible also says that there are no other God beside me.

I'm not here to say that we too are Gods. But, we are gods with a small g.

What do I mean?

When God made Adam a little god, he was supposed to be the ruler of Eden.

So, what should Adam do?

He has to rule and reign so that nothing unwanted comes into the garden.

He failed, rather miserably.

Now, what should we do in this perilous times?

Like I said yesterday, corona is a raging fire and what is the responsibility of a believer?

He has to take authority over the circumstances around him and declare and decree that it has no place in his home.

Now that you know the truth, you can do two things.

1. Stop calling your kids as little devils.

2. Take authority and start reigning as a king. You can read in Revelations 1:6 , where the word of God says:

Revelation 1:6 NKJV
and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

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Bro. I. Santosh

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Either Or


Today I went to my son's school. Of course, with him in tact.

He just finished his school and we went to get his mark sheets, migration certificate( I have no clue what that is and why they gave it)

Now, he has to decide on what he's going to do next.

On our way back home, we were jogging up some of the finest memories.

I still remember it like yesterday the day he got admission in the first standard. After he wrote the entrance exam( believe me, they did. He passed it, obviously), we were asked to meet the Principal.

When she announced us that they have decided to admit my son, I almost cried.

That was twelve years back. Time just flew.

He turned out to be an OK kid. Everyone just loves him as he is super nice with them.

His charming smile wins them over.

He is seriously preparing for the all India medical entrance exam called NEET. It's highly competitive. One point five million students compete for 15000 seats across India.

He is a play hard while you play kinda guy. Of late, he spends a lot of time on screens.

Just to nudge him, I told him the other day:

“Why bother? Now that Covid 19 is raging and numbers increase like wildfire. Why don't you drop this medical school idea and join something else? “

He looked at me intently. But didn't take long to respond.

“Your hairs are numbered. I intend to work towards that goal”, he said.

I was floored by that response. I was able to teach faith in him. So, pat came the reply.

And to claim that I'm kinda a super guy would be foolish.

I'm not particularly gifted too. But, I learnt that faith matters in our lives.

I spent time with Him and His words deliberately. I can say (humbly though) that I too played a small role in growing my son's faith.

When everything crumbles around you, you need to ground yourself in the rock.

And that rock is Jesus and I can help you out.

Of course, you can either visit my website and for the price of your favorite drink(between $1.5 to $7.5, you decide) , you can see if we are a good fit.

Bro. I. Santosh

PS: I'm perfectly OK with whatever God helps him study. I'm all for His will to be done in my son's life.

PPS: Please say a word of prayer for him in your prayers. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Clueless? Help Is Here!

Here's Help! Especially, If You Are Clueless!

During a train trip, the renowned jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes was unable to locate his ticket when the conductor asked for it.

After watching Holmes fumble through his pockets in growing dismay, the conductor said, “That's all right, Mr. Holmes. I'm sure you have your ticket somewhere. If you don't find it until you've gotten off, just mail it to us when you get home. We'll certainly trust you.” Holmes replied,

“Young man, my problem isn't to find my ticket. It's to find out where I'm going.”

Don't you think this anecdote invariably resembles with a lot of fathers?

We become fathers either by design or by accident.

Regardless, we need to remember that we have a responsibility thrust on us whether you like it or not.

For many, it starts with the sleep cycle of the child.

I still remember my son who( is now 18) will happily sleep through the day will get up so refreshed at 10.00 pm at night and he will take his own time to go to sleep.

While we try to negotiate the whimsical ups and downs of rearing up a child, my question to you is : Are you doing it by design or by choice? Or you are as confused as Oliver Wendall Holmes who has no clue where he is going?

There is a method to the madness, if you ask me.

Believe me, I'm not trying to belittle the responsibility of growing a child in Godly ways.

The word of God is full of ways and means to not only rear the child the right way but you can also enjoy the process.

And the buck stops with you. It is an unvarnished fact you have to live with.

The pandemic is wreaking havoc while Christians are practically clueless.

Because God loves you, you're reading this and help is at hand.

All you have to do is ask. And it shall be given.

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Bro. I. Santosh

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Sticking out


Are You Sticking Your Neck Out?

When we were growing up, my father used to visit Madras, now renamed Chennai often on business.

He held an important position as a secretary of the employees association. He was always busy with that work and it took him to Chennai more often than we would want him to.

Of course, we missed our daddy when he was away, but when he was gone we will be actively looking for the day he'd come.

It's a 12+ hours of journey by train. The moment we come to know that he started, I'd be so joyously start getting excited about his arrival.

As soon as we know that our father is coming home, I really don't know how many times I'd run to the door everytime I hear a noise.

It was such a great expectation that I never grow tired running to the door.

Everytime we were so relieved to see him come back, he always made sure that he bought a specific kind of sweet. Me and my sister loved it much

Once he got settled, he will unwrap the gifts he brought from Chennai. During that time he will ask my mom if we ‘behaved'.

Most of the time I'd not and my mom dutifully reported it to my Dad.

Regardless, he'd still give that sweet packet to me and will ask if I'll behave the next time he's gone. I'd say yes.

So what does it got to do with you? Good question.

Let me explain.

How many of you has a promise from God?

How many of you are still expecting for it to come to pass?

I know many of you would be.

It may be a promise about your job, finances, your spouse or may be about your kids.

Whatever it might be, you should be excited and be waiting with an expectation like we were expecting our Dad.

For you to do that you need faith. You have to believe two things.

1. That the one who promised is faithful and He can't lie.

2. That you actually believe that you are worthy to receive from Him.

If you ask me, self condemnation is the second biggest disease among the believers. Number one is actually lack of faith.

God who has given us His own son for us wants us to lead a blessed life but many are not.

That is exactly why I have a five day WhatsApp class.

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