What Kind Of Legacy

Tayaba & The Kind Of Legacy We Leave Behind!

I spent the whole day literally fighting for my website.

No, it wasn't dirty at all. The call center executives went out of their way to help me.

In fact, the last agent I spoke to was named as Tayaba, and it means peace in Urdu.

This young lady was very concerned that I decided to pull the plug on their company.

When I explained the reason she understood me, but the sorry fact is she could not do anything about it.

So, what does it got to do with you?

Plenty, I believe.

In a family, a father is responsible for the well being of the whole family. When he fails, it puts the wife, children in an awkward position to answer. Most of the time, there's not much to do either.

In the market place, when a Christian behaves in an ungodly manner, the other Christians are also looked down by others. While we're called to be good fragrance, one dead fly can spoil the ointment.

Unfortunately, though Tayaba tried her best to salvage the situation, it was something she couldn't do with her powers.

When a person gets offended, they move away from the presence of God. It'd be very tough to bring them back.

It's our responsibility as Christians to lead a life without offense. Reason is our children are watching our every move. They observe our every word and motive.

We should not offend anyone much less our kids.

Is it possible? Of course, yes.

The battle is already won. All we have to do is to inherit them in faith. If you don't know what belongs to you, how can we inherit?

By becoming a better father, you will not only fulfill what God has in store for you but also leave a healthy legacy behind in your children.

Can you even put a price tag to it?

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