Today is an important day in my life.

Over the past week or so, for some reason I felt kinda depressed. I had no clue why.

I was continuously praying about it. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

There's absolutely no reason why. Everything is fine. I checked out my close friends and relatives. They are doing just OK.

After I delivered the sermon on Sunday, I felt so happy and satisfied. Of course, I preached to a grand total of four of my family members. 🙂

But that depression caught me on Monday. I was worried, now. I strengthened myself in the Lord.

Then came a screenshot from a Pastor friend of mine. The screenshot is the image you see up there.

He visited our town. I bought him a decent lunch in a decent hotel. Nothing fancy.

We sat outside that hotel and discussed various things. He had some difficulty in streaming his church service live to YouTube and facebook at the same time.

By His grace we found an app which helped us do that and we went our separate ways so happy.

Someone who saw the video blamed that we pastors are shepherding us and not the flock.

The pie in the pudding is that he called us dogs in a derogatory manner.

I saw that message around 2.00am in the morning and I felt like I should get out screaming Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

I remembered Jesus when He said, shout and rejoice when you are falsely accused.

All the depression went away and I'm so fired up. I feel like creating such messages everyday of the week.

Even in our relationships, sometimes we are misunderstood and blamed for no fault of us.

It can happen in the workplace too.

As a coach, I can tell you this: Your best days are yet to come.

When I think about it, we have done something right that has triggered a third rate response like this.

So, continue doing the good that you're doing.

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PS: here's the video which prompted this response :

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