My Provider


Lord, My? Provider!

This evening a friend called me. As he contacted me after a long time, I spoke to him.

His voice seemed a bit dull. I asked him how he's doing.

Sir, it's not business as usual and everywhere it seems it's locked.

These days it's very tough going and he doesn't have much hope.

Just before I started to write this post, I heard a facebook live.

It was a Pastor friend of mine and he was sharing something which happened today.

He needed something. He didn't have enough funds. Devil immediately sprang up to say that you won't have that money. But, at the same time, faith raised up in his heart and he started confessing: ” The one who has been faithful so far, will be faithful to the end”

Saying that he left home. And wonder of wonders, a person contacted him, asking him his bank account to deposit funds.

This pastor told him, he just passed by his village and will personally meet him to get that offering.

Dear friend, even when the world is going upside down and economy in shambles, you don't have to worry because, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

He is our Lord and He provides for us. If you are the Lord, then you should provide.

But fear not, He is faithful to His words.

That is how you become a good father.

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Bro Santosh

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