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Faith or Fear!? What's Your Choice?

This evening I decided to walk for a few minutes.

When I started walking after a few minutes I saw a neighbor getting out of his house for a walk, I believe.

The moment he shut the door I could hear a voice from the inside yelling, ” Be careful! Corona is everywhere.”

Of course, it's a true statement. There are many who ate affected by this disease and thankfully, no one has died in our place.

What was alarming to me was the fear in that voice. It's very real.

So, what is a believer supposed to do in this kind of a situation?

I believe this is the time he has to be brave and stand strongly on faith.

See, the choice is very clear. Either you can live in faith or die being afraid.

I encourage you to start living in faith. I don't recommend any foolhardy stuff here.

But you can count on the promises of God and so you don't have to live in fear.

As we are living in the last days, the words of Jesus is coming to pass one after the other.

So, even if something worse than covid 19 cones, we don't have to fear because we're protected in his shadows.

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Bro Santosh

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