Rubber meets the road

When the rubber meets the road…

Everything is hunky dory till the rubber meets the road, said my cousin who called me today.

He was calling me after a long time and so I was naturally curious.

It all started with some disturbance his wife faced

My cousin whom you can call a faith freak is always reassuring. He is full of faith. Someone even suggested that wherever you touch him, he will speak positive confessions only.

So, he naturally took it easy not bothering too much about the complications his wife developed.

A word about his wife. While you can't say that she is a faith freak like my cousin, she is not a weirdo worrier in any sense.

The trouble is she felt like she is not that important to her husband.

When she developed some serious symptoms, she was taken to the hospital.

Now, let's take a step back.

This is something which often happens in Christian households.

In this kind of a situation, what is it that a husband should do?

It's exactly what he wanted to know from me.

This is a potential landmine for any husband for that matter. While he is full of faith and the wife is not in a mood to go along by faith, because she is the one suffering.

Our adversary the devil is always ready to pour oil into the fire.

So, how do you handle this?

This is one among the many topics I handle in day three of the five day WhatsApp class where I go extensively on the husband and wife relationship.

He was quite satisfied with what I counseled him. I could almost feel his sense of relief.

While it may not be appropriate for me to reveal what people paid for it, I welcome you to try my 5 day WhatsApp class for the cost of your favorite drink. And it's also totally guaranteed. You can never go wrong.

Bro Santosh

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