Statistic or Not

How Not To End Up As A Statistic!

According to a study done in the US, fatherless kids fare badly when compared with other kids.

Let me show you a few:

1. Children who grow up in a single parent home are twice as likely to be the subject of physical and/or emotional abuse (America?s Children, 1997)

2. According to a study conducted by the city of Richmond, VA, the estimated cost of absentee fathers cost the city a whopping $2,000,000,000 that's a big billion.

That my friends is just one among the many cities all over the world facing this problem.

3. One expert from Harvard medical school who has studied over 40 years of research on the question of parental absence and children's well-being said this: ?What has been shown over and over again
to contribute most to the emotional development of the child is a close, warm, sustained and continuous relationship with both parents.?

Obviously, a child who does not enjoy this close, warm sustained and continuous relationship with both parents suffer a great deal.

Don't feel relieved that this is not about your country.

This is happening in every country and city of this world.

Now, you will say that I'm not an absentee father. I live with my wife and kids.

My question to you Is: Are you?

Corona made several fathers to stay at home and many actually don't have a clue on how to be around their kids.

They are so used to run around in circles trying to ‘earn', that they have forgotten they have kids.

As one of my friends said he has outsourced child rearing to their parents. Lucky him, but many don't have that luxury.

Now, the question before us is simple.

Are we going to man up to this challenge or not?

Lucky for you, I can teach you how you can give enjoy this close, warm, sustained and continuous relationship to your kids by His grace.

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Bro Santosh

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