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Beams, Pillars & You!

Solomon's Temple & You!

Of late, I am writing to you mostly about my kids.

Did I tell you my daughter taught me faith in the most amazing way? I don't think so yet. I will, in the coming days I promise.

When King Solomon built the temple of God, he used timber from foreign land.

It was a glorious temple and if my memory serves me right, he took near about seven years to complete it.

Let me tell you how I stumbled on that portion from the Bible on my cell phone.

Here's one more tip from our household : We tend to have a Bible app in our cellphone, right? The zealots will have more than one for sure. But, I'm not talking about them today.

One of the finest Bible apps is something called Tecarta Bible app.

Please note that I am not compensated in any way for recommending this to you.

It's a beautiful app contains almost 20+ different versions of the English bible. (I am gleefully reporting to you that I own most of them)

In fact if you are online, you can read every one of them completely free of charge.

They have a version called Strong's KJV. I was reading that version.

Remember, I was talking to you about Adam and Eve yesterday.

God created Eve from one of the ribs of Adam. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know what rib means in Hebrew and this Bible showed me that the same word was used in 1 Kings as well.

So, I went there and lo and behold I was reading about beams in Solomon's temple.

So, what is the relationship? Both the words used here about ribs and beam are one and the same.

Hebrew word is tsal??h and it means both rib as well as beam.

These beams bear the weight of 45 pillars and so in effect the reason why the temple is stable.

Here is the verse:

1 Kings 7:3 KJVS
And it was covered with cedar above upon the beams, that lay on forty five pillars, fifteen in a row.

Today, I am primarily talking to my brothers, ok?

Especially, the married ones.

Do you know God has given you such a pillar of strength to you?

Do you really appreciate it? By way of being grateful to God and by being more appreciative of what your wife brings to the table? ( I'm talking both literally and figuratively.)

A simple smile. Or a small gesture can do miracles in our homes.

But sometimes we ignore them, of course to our own peril, I will add.

God gave us wives for a purpose. The purpose He has is huge.

He wants to use us to establish His kingdom here.

For that, we need one another and going that route, we make the whole journey even more enjoyable.

I have a separate session on how we can be better husbands to our wives.

Of course, please visit for that.

I look forward to seeing you inside,

Bro. I. Santosh

Ps: I have an interesting idea to share with you on kingdom. Please don't forget to tune in tomorrow.

Pps: is the Bible app website. Of course, it is there in your App Store as well.

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