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Either Or


Today I went to my son's school. Of course, with him in tact.

He just finished his school and we went to get his mark sheets, migration certificate( I have no clue what that is and why they gave it)

Now, he has to decide on what he's going to do next.

On our way back home, we were jogging up some of the finest memories.

I still remember it like yesterday the day he got admission in the first standard. After he wrote the entrance exam( believe me, they did. He passed it, obviously), we were asked to meet the Principal.

When she announced us that they have decided to admit my son, I almost cried.

That was twelve years back. Time just flew.

He turned out to be an OK kid. Everyone just loves him as he is super nice with them.

His charming smile wins them over.

He is seriously preparing for the all India medical entrance exam called NEET. It's highly competitive. One point five million students compete for 15000 seats across India.

He is a play hard while you play kinda guy. Of late, he spends a lot of time on screens.

Just to nudge him, I told him the other day:

“Why bother? Now that Covid 19 is raging and numbers increase like wildfire. Why don't you drop this medical school idea and join something else? “

He looked at me intently. But didn't take long to respond.

“Your hairs are numbered. I intend to work towards that goal”, he said.

I was floored by that response. I was able to teach faith in him. So, pat came the reply.

And to claim that I'm kinda a super guy would be foolish.

I'm not particularly gifted too. But, I learnt that faith matters in our lives.

I spent time with Him and His words deliberately. I can say (humbly though) that I too played a small role in growing my son's faith.

When everything crumbles around you, you need to ground yourself in the rock.

And that rock is Jesus and I can help you out.

Of course, you can either visit my website and for the price of your favorite drink(between $1.5 to $7.5, you decide) , you can see if we are a good fit.

Bro. I. Santosh

PS: I'm perfectly OK with whatever God helps him study. I'm all for His will to be done in my son's life.

PPS: Please say a word of prayer for him in your prayers. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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