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Are You Sticking Your Neck Out?

When we were growing up, my father used to visit Madras, now renamed Chennai often on business.

He held an important position as a secretary of the employees association. He was always busy with that work and it took him to Chennai more often than we would want him to.

Of course, we missed our daddy when he was away, but when he was gone we will be actively looking for the day he'd come.

It's a 12+ hours of journey by train. The moment we come to know that he started, I'd be so joyously start getting excited about his arrival.

As soon as we know that our father is coming home, I really don't know how many times I'd run to the door everytime I hear a noise.

It was such a great expectation that I never grow tired running to the door.

Everytime we were so relieved to see him come back, he always made sure that he bought a specific kind of sweet. Me and my sister loved it much

Once he got settled, he will unwrap the gifts he brought from Chennai. During that time he will ask my mom if we ‘behaved'.

Most of the time I'd not and my mom dutifully reported it to my Dad.

Regardless, he'd still give that sweet packet to me and will ask if I'll behave the next time he's gone. I'd say yes.

So what does it got to do with you? Good question.

Let me explain.

How many of you has a promise from God?

How many of you are still expecting for it to come to pass?

I know many of you would be.

It may be a promise about your job, finances, your spouse or may be about your kids.

Whatever it might be, you should be excited and be waiting with an expectation like we were expecting our Dad.

For you to do that you need faith. You have to believe two things.

1. That the one who promised is faithful and He can't lie.

2. That you actually believe that you are worthy to receive from Him.

If you ask me, self condemnation is the second biggest disease among the believers. Number one is actually lack of faith.

God who has given us His own son for us wants us to lead a blessed life but many are not.

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