How To Become The Best Daddy!

So, how has Covid -19 treated you so far?

If you are a Christian father, here is the most important message you are going to read:

Is there even a connection between Covid -19 and being a Daddy?

Being a good daddy… How about being the best Daddy?

That the world we live in has taken a beating by Corona virus would be an understatement.

It actually turned the

world upside down,

and being a father is one of the important casualties.

I could not believe that statement first.

But after spending a lot of time with a lot of fathers and mothers who have gone thru the ordeal of lock down 1.0 to 5.0 now and the job loss and the kind of shape the economy we are right now in, I felt that I needed to do something about it.

This coaching program is a result of much prayer.

In this How To Become The Best Daddy Masterclass, here is what you will figure out:

a. The one single factor which has defined parenthood so far and how it's taking a different view totally.

b. The easy to go mentality of being a father is gone for a toss and it'd be a different modus operandi from now on,

c. The most misunderstood factor of being a Daddy and how you are going to make a huge difference for your kids from now on.

That is after the coaching class. 🙂

And lots and lots more.

Let's talk about the price of admission for this class. I have purposely made it a pay as much as you want or as little as Rs.100 if you want to play safe.

Two reasons for that.

a. I am teaching from the Bible and there is no way you can value the word in currency.

b.In that case, why not offer it for free?

I don't like to give it away for free because people equate free with cheap and they give it a shot. After all, you paid for it.

That is why I am going to give you a never heard before guarantee in the Christendom.

Pay what you feel like is worth for this class and attend the training.

If you feel that I wasted your time, just tell me and I will instantly refund your money. You will have a full 30 days to play with this teaching and see if it really lives up to the promise,

I will see you on the other side,

Bro.I. Santosh

PS: After you made the payment, your link for the class would be sent to you in email.